Always add some structure to your clothing if you’re going for a loose-on-loose look. You’re right, it’s the easiest bag I’ve yet to find, super lightweight and practical, and can fit everything I need in for a weekend trip / all my carryon. With such a city bag, you’d need to have a place for your water. The Soviets alert their agents stationed in the area (one even operates a very capitalist gas station), “Have you looked at the sky lately?”, while they secretly move Irina Leonova there with equipment to order the probe to shut down, and another agent who has a missile to pierce the probe’s shell. The Oscar Goldman doll was one of several large-size action figures relased by Kenner Toys in the late 1970s to tie-in with both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. Unlike the dolls based upon Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers, 12-inch Oscar Goldman doll came with no special features on its own, and was dressed in a sports jacket and pants indicative of the late-1970s style worn by the character on TV. When Irina regains consciousness, Oscar tells her that Steve is tracking the probe; she is alarmed – she designed the probe for Venus’ hostile environment.

It’s super spacious and I love the security and tracking features. They’re so stylish (I love the color you’ve chosen), and the 28L is perfect for my laptop and other gadgets. All you need are love and talents. I agree about the need for a water bottle holder. The Six Million Dollar Man is an American television series about a fictional cyborg working for the OSI (which was usually said to refer to the Office of Scientific Intelligence, but sometimes was called the Office of Scientific Investigation as well as the Office of Strategic Intelligence. The exploding briefcase is reminiscent of a similar gadget utilized by James Bond in the novel and film From Russia with Love, but was never featured on either of the TV series in which Goldman appeared. It had several moveable parts, including a spring-loaded missile launcher, rotating turret, magnetic sampling arm and exploding panels. Bionic Modules in right arm and both legs.

The size is just right. On the Bag Back, sew a line to divide the Pocket right next to the bulky seam. The Venus Space Probe is one of the rarest of the Kenner toys and definitely the most valuable of this toy line. An example of a “reach” to expand this toy line, it was based on a popular episode in which a Soviet probe destined for Venus is launched and then malfunctions, bringing the probe down in the United States. The probe does not respond to the shut-down order, then Irina recalls the farmer shot at it, so the computer might reason it was near a volcanic eruption and be moving away, on “total override”. It mimicked most of the functionality of Irina Leonova’s device seen on screen. During an encounter, Irina and the Soviet agent are sent on the run by the probe, and Steve tracks the probe. Because it is made of a new alloy, unknown to American technology, Soviet scientists and agents are anxious to recover the probe, which has landed in a remote section of Wyoming.

The life-like probe, programmed to “think” it has landed on Venus, is on a course leading to a small town as Soviet and American forces try desperately to stop it. We think these craft station and home office wall organisers from old jeans are good examples of how these kind of upcycled organiser boards can actually look super chic (trust us we’ve seen a lot that don’t!). The bags are certainly practical and good looking, but I was particularly impressed with the story behind it. Canvas, stiff cotton or buckram are good to use too. You could also use embroidered patches, buttons, or studding. You can use a 1 square inch (1.27 centimeter) seam allowance to sew along the bottom and side edges. You won’t get a nice square piece by just trimming extra off the sides because the extra is sewn into that seam down the middle of the piece. 1. Using a seam ripper, open up the crotch seam – this is only if you’re using shorts. Having the bag fully open like that makes it easier to pack and unpack. I also like the style of how the bag can be unzipped.

Craft a denim-covered pencil can. Do you want other craft ideas for recycling denim jeans? You’ll want to consider your destination and the season in which you are visiting. You can use any fabric you want… Fabric Bowl Hot PadHere is another project to use up scraps and that is quick to make. It would be best to have jean pieces, a cardboard top, the bottom of the bag, handle strap, and zipper to do this project. To add more depth and interest to your project and for cheap denim look bags for purse business a muli-colored look, sew different shades of denim together in patchwork fashion. Not all of your new fashion styles for 2023 must be seen in public. Transform your usual casual day look in denim and make a statement when you put together a head-turning outfit that pairs shredded jeans (such as this ultra-ripped pair by Thrifted) with a bright or patterned top, such as the yellow polka dot sweater seen here.
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