Maximum speeds up to 3000rpm, and a vibration amplitude of 7mm. Q2 MINI breaks up knots and relaxes tight muscles, digging deep and relieve hard-to-reach muscle groups. The percussion penetrates deep through a sore tissue with its relatively higher amplitude range to cure any chronic pain effectively. Therabody’s G3PRO. The smart and quiet device helps decrease muscle soreness and fatigue, releases tension and increases mobility and range of motion. We noted if range of movement was limited because of the length of the power cord. The four corded massagers had power cords that measured between 7 feet (TheraFlow) and 14 feet (HoMedics), and so we needed to be positioned near an electrical outlet throughout testing. Massagers are used both as primary and replacement therapy for athletes, white-collar workers, drivers, and doctors’ treatments as well as for rehabilitation. Before you can choose the best back massager for your lifestyle, there are a few things to consider.

The Renpho – EM-2016C handheld massager is similar to the other massagers we tested, but it has a few features the others don’t have. The calf wrap (attached to the foot wrap) is easy to wrap around, and unlike the others we tested, it can accommodate large calves without needing an extension. This has the effect of locking the massage head in place, preventing it flying off mid-massage, which can tend to happen with some of the cheap, and no so cheap, push-fit models on the market. Mini massage guns tend to be quieter than their full sized counterparts, so this shouldn’t be much of a hassle. The Renpho’s remote has six massage modes: three for full leg and three for feet, calves and thighs, all with four levels of intensity. We began each test at the lowest intensity level and massaged for 5 minutes before increasing the intensity and massaging the same area again. The Magic Makers has six intensity levels, the sixth being so tight that the wraps began coming undone. The Magic Makers remote has a clear LED display for selecting three massage modes: pressing (for full leg), kneading (for calf and thigh) and shiatsu (for feet).

Since an air compression device only inflates and deflates, the Magic Makers fails to simulate the application of manual pressure on specific spots of a true shiatsu massage. The mode for manually selecting to focus on feet, calves or thighs initially squeezes the selected muscle group, increases in intensity, then rhythmically inflates and deflates. Simply turn it on and then move either the T-head or the 3D roller massager over your face. Use those buttons or the remote to move from a fully upright position to the chair’s fully reclined position. Each wrap is clearly marked for right and left legs, as are the tubes that connect the wraps to the remote control. The TheraFlow has three attachments made of silicone, which are very flexible and easy to put on and take off the single-motor head. It comes with six small attachments, two of each kind: a sphere, a ball with three prongs and a disk with bristles.

Slim and cordless with five attachments, the Renpho is very well-priced for such a powerful handheld massager. A unique dual-function motor with six effective attachments, the PureWave can give you a full percussive massage or a gentle facial at the flick of a switch. The Renpho isn’t as sophisticated or lightweight as our top pick, but it will give you a soothing or invigorating massage at a lower price. Gone are the days of an addictive neck massager, which could potentially give you the temporary pain relief you need but lead to addiction and withdrawal if you stopped using it. Moreover, the massager is cordless, portable, and rechargeable, with a charging time of 3-5 hours and the charge lasting a few days. In other words, manual head massagers have less coverage and can offer you just a few options in terms of convenience. The TISSCARE Foot Massager features three auto modes and a manual mode, for people who like to customize their own settings.

The curved attachment is unusual, and as the manual instructs, it’s for massaging arms and legs. We did the same tests – working through each attachment and intensity level – and except for the slightly heavier Snailax, the cordless massagers gave us more freedom of movement and were much easier to use than the corded massagers. The continuous mode works much like the other handheld massagers with three levels of intensity. Battery life runs a total of three hours and you’ll get a carrying case with your purchase allowing you to take this massage gun on the go. It’s the easiest full-leg massager to get into and out of unassisted. The full-leg sequence begins by inflating the feet wraps, pauses, then inflates the calves, followed by the thighs. Next session, try using your massager with less intensity (if possible) or a shorter time frame, and then reevaluate how you feel. I could turn up, request a little bit off the back, have the work carried out and then walk around to the school showers, rinse, restyle and then if not quite happy, return to the chair for a second go.

The Renpho weighs a little bit more than the PureWave, and its single-head motor is a little wider. The Renpho isn’t as sophisticated as the more expensive PureWave, but it will help relieve sore muscles at a budget price. Although the instructions are woefully unhelpful, after you wrap yourself once in the Renpho, it will take you less than 30 seconds – unassisted – to do it thereafter. It also doesn’t knead, like our top pick, Renpho, does; it simply inflates and deflates at intervals. From there, it rhythmically inflates and deflates each of the wraps separately; the Renpho is the only leg massager we tested that did this. We tested each of the four intensity levels and felt most comfortable at level 2, since level 4 inflates the wraps very tightly, especially around the calves. Although it’s made of a hard plastic, it didn’t bounce and wasn’t irritating, even at the highest intensity.
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