Metin2 P Server


Metin2 P Server refers to the private server of the popular online multiplayer game known as Metin2. Developed by the Ymir Entertainment Co. Ltd, this game was initially released in Korea in 2004 and has gained immense popularity worldwide. The Metin2 P Server offers an alternative and modified gaming experience to its players, making it an intriguing option for avid gamers.

Overview and Gameplay:

Metin2 is a role-playing game set in an ancient oriental fantasy world filled with various quests, battles, and exploration. Players can choose their characters from four different classes: Warriors, Suras, Shamans, or Ninjas, each having unique abilities and skills. The aim is to defeat evil creatures and navigate through dangerous terrains to gain experience, strength, and powerful weapons.

Metin2 P Server provides players with an opportunity to experience a private server rather than the official version. These privately-owned servers offer additional features and customizations, making the game more exciting and challenging. Private servers often include faster leveling, unique events, increased drop rates, and other modifications tailored to enhance the players’ experience.

Benefits of metin2 pvp P Server:

1. Faster Progression: One of the significant advantages of playing on a private server is the accelerated leveling system. Players can quickly progress through the game, unlock new skills, and reach higher levels at a faster pace.

2. Custom Events: Private servers often organize exclusive events, competitions, and tournaments that are not available in the official Metin2. These events provide an exciting and engaging way for players to interact with the game and other players.

3. Enhanced Economy: The modification of the game’s economy system in private servers allows players to accumulate wealth and trade items more efficiently. Some private servers also introduce unique currencies or market systems, providing additional strategic elements to the game.

4. Increased Drop Rates: Private servers frequently boost drop rates, increasing the chances of obtaining rare items and equipment. This feature can be particularly appealing to players who enjoy the thrill of finding valuable treasures.

Community and Playerbase:

The Metin2 P Server community is diverse and enjoys a large playerbase worldwide. Players engage with each other through guilds, chat systems, and forums, building friendships and alliances. Private server communities often have active moderators and administrators who ensure fair play and enforce rules, creating a safe and enjoyable gaming environment.


Metin2 P Server offers an exciting alternative gaming experience for players of the popular online game, Metin2. With accelerated progression, custom events, enhanced economy, and increased drop rates, private servers provide unique gameplay opportunities. The active playerbase and supportive community further contribute to the appeal of Metin2 P Server. Whether one explores the official version or prefers the modifications and challenges of private servers, Metin2 continues to captivate the gaming world with its immersive and thrilling oriental fantasy world.
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