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If you look closely at your purse, you’ll see that there are nice little loops left open to hold our fringe. I love little purses it will be nice to have to take on a date nite . This little fringed clutch purse packs a ton of style! You can load up your clutch with four layers of fringe as I have, or even just use one layer of fringe at the top to customize the look. First, use some stitch markers to mark the center four stitches of your purse. If you look inside, the stitches are all invisible, which was the point of doing the liner this way. Since most sites that carry vintage bags do not keep a consistent inventory, you will want to keep an eye out for the bag you are looking for. This bright yellow blanket is warm to both the eye and the touch. This Prada Small Plex Shopper ($125) also comes in yellow or white. Finish off Blue and White and weave in ends. White Crossbody Fringed Leather Bag.Native American inspired.Boho fringed.Handmade White Leather Bag.Western-Cowboy.Hippy.

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