You can pack it with upwards of 40 pounds worth of gear then take to a rugged, off-trail sort of environment without having anything to complain about. Then some features make it really lovely to use, like the U-shaped zipper for ease of packing, water bottle holder, removable hydration sleeve, stash pockets, sleeping bag pocket, and a whole load of other neat ideas. They add versatility and make it comfortable enough to carry for a few hours of hiking away from the river. However, there’s not much to worry about – it’s an awesome mid-size (30 litre) pack that’ll keep your stuff dry on the river. The Sea to Summit Big River Dry Pack is any adventurer’s go-to backpack when it comes to keeping your stuff dry on a river-based journey. It’ll stand the test of time for a trip where you really need to pack a lot of stuff. Made out of hardwearing, 210 denier high-tenacity nylon, the Aether Plus 85 can really handle abrasion and will stand the test of time, not just on one hard slog of a trip, but a load of ’em.

Not your average traveller backpack, the huge Osprey Aether Plus 85 Pack is for proper expeditions into the wilderness. It is TOUGH, being constructed from waterproof tarpaulin and ballistic nylon, plus YKK zippers for good measure. First, most anti-theft backpacks appear to have no visible access points, as zippers and pouches are hidden by flaps. Osprey backpacks are durable, sturdy, fairly priced, with All Mighty Guarantee that makes them a no-brainer. If these docs were successful surgeons, finished with training, I’d assume there were housekeepers that TV audiences never see, but these characters are still managing student loans. Basically, it’s super light but still carries the load very comfortably. The Osprey Farpoint 40 still has plenty of space. Because of it’s 40 litre size, the Farpoint 40 is a near-guarantee to carry on no matter the airline. No matter the type of outdoor activity you’re doing, chances are your small backpack men will come into contact with moisture and humidity. You will receive an email containing your coupon. The serialized for positive identification feature is an added bonus that ensures your flashlight will always be easy to identify. BLUETOOTH 5.0: ensures fast and wireless connection, no dropouts.

Another of the quality backpacks from WANDRD, the HEXAD Access Duffel Backpack is a terrific option not only for vloggers but for anyone with electronic gear (a drone, a couple of cameras, etc.). Ultralight backpacks don’t tend to be the what I’d define as the best heavy duty backpacks; however, the Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 Southwest Pack is probably the most durable of the lot. I’m impressed by the durability of this pack: scrambling through the brush, over rocks, scraping on trees, the 2400 Southwest Pack won’t rip or tear and will see you through rough and tough excursions in the wilderness. It’s constructed from 210 denier, high tenacity nylon, which makes it able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. You may even need to wear it to bed on cold nights. It’s 40 litres, so if you pack well, you could be on the road for weeks or even months. Not just a backpack for photography equipment, there’s room enough in this pack for a few days’ worth of clothes, so you can head out for a weekend away when you’re not on assignment. I absolutely love booking things so this month I booked a Big Bus tour which I did in the middle of the month in London then I pre-booked three activities for the next few months.

Then we went over to the Tapestry and Cartography Museums and finished off the day at the Sistine Chapel. If you’re a photographer looking for a backpack for your gear that’s also super durable, then this one will suit you down to the ground. Best of all, regardless of which configuration you go with, this is a bag that will serve you brilliantly day-in and day-out. And with that support system, it ends up being a pretty comfortable bag. The straps store away for travel, so there’s no loose ends sticking out risking getting wrecked. Beyond going to the ends to check for engines, and thus increasing risk of exposure, this is only way to discern the trains that are bound for glory from those that shall be idle for days/weeks/months. Many areas in the West are going through that now. The main compartments are very large, and all the pockets are padded.
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