Never use harsh chemicals, bleach, or alcohol-based cleaners on cowhide leather, as these can damage the material. Since no two cow hides will ever look the same, We take pictures of each and every cowhide purses and wallets so you can see as close to the real thing as possible. My go to backpack purse for two years! If you were on the fence before, I hope this helps with your decision as I have owned this bag for over two years in the pacific northwest and none of the elements here have harmed the bag. I have used this purse every day for the last two years and there is no visible wear on the backpack. It has been my go to purse since day one and the quality is amazing. Sometimes it takes a day to two to get your order ready. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on personal preference, budget, and environmental concerns.

With the huge home and furniture products, our goal is to provide customers with a fuss-free shopping experience with more choice. Please note customers shall be re-charged for a second delivery if they are not home on the agreed pre-arranged delivery date. We believe in offering world-class products at reasonable prices, and we never leave our customers in the lurch. Sign up for our email for NEWEST products! We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Mix until soapy. Never use harsh soaps or cleaning solutions on hair-on-hide leather. The modern process mostly uses chemical processes to achieve the same ends which are to produce a hairless fatless and spongy piece of leather. Get noticed with our gold metallic cowhide purse, perfect for modern outings and short trips. Look no further than our stunning gold metallic cowhide purse, the perfect accessory for modern outings and short trips.

Production and processing of colored cowhide is a specialized process that requires sufficient knowledge and the use of modern technology. In conclusion, top grain leather is a high-quality material that can be graded based on its quality and processing methods. Get yourself a dog or cat brush and comb the fur as gently as you can – you don’t want to pull out any of the fur. It has no seams exposed to the work hazard that could prematurely rip or wear out. And because it is durable and maintains its beauty through all sorts of wear and tear, you will be able to pass it down to your children. Once we received the returned item, we will make a refund in 24 hours. If you’re not quite ready to make such a bold statement with a handbag, why not go for an nguni purse instead? And if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, an nguni leather one is perfect. If you notice a patch of hair is matted or won’t lie in the right direction, use a small bit of hair conditioner – simply massage it gently into the fur and then brush it out. You can also use a damp cloth to get rid of dirt; just make sure you wipe in the same direction as the hair lies.

It can also double up as a gym bag. All Categories Animal Print Cowhide Animal prints Aprons Area Rug Backpacks Women’s Bath Mat Bedding Blanket Bedding Set Belt Bag Men’s Unisex Women’s blanket Bulk Deals Calf hides Calve hide Card Holder Women’s Chair Clearance Clutch bag w/ Fringes Coasters Coin Purse Women’s Cowboy Boots Men’s Cowhide Accessories Keychains Koozies Wallets Wrislets Cowhide Coasters Cowhide Duffle Bag Cowhide luggage Cowhide Ottoman Cowhide Patchwork rugs 5×5’ patchwork Cowhides Natural cowhides Acid wash cowhides Calf hides Credit Card Wallets Men’s Women’s Crossbody Bag Unisex Women’s Door Mat Down Comforter Drink Huggers & Koozies Duffle Bags Dyed cowhide Fanny & Sling Bags Gun case Hair Claws Home Bedding 2pc Mats 3pc Bedspreads 6pc comforters 7pc comforters Bedsheets Comforters & Duvets Curtains & Valances Sherpa & Borrego Blankets Throw Blankets Jacket Unisex Jewelry Box Leather Hides New Arrivals! The strong and real cowhide diaper bags are easy to carry everywhere without any tension. With 8 card slots and 2 more slots behind them, it’s easy to carry all your important cards, meet all your daily needs.