The Sierra Designs Meteor Lite 3000 is a new lightweight tent with a trail weight of just 1.8kg. Available in 2-person and 3-person models, it’s a backpack-friendly tent that saves weight by using premium materials. The hike goes up two rounded granite hills at the northern end of Jordan Pond; you may choose either an up-and-back route that includes just one summit, or a route with two separate summit loops off of the initial trail from the parking lot, called the Bubbles Divide Trail. The hook and loop adjustable cuffs fit seamlessly with gloves, and there are two hand pockets for warming numb fingers on the coldest days. The milanoo backpacks on the other hand include cotton and leather satchel bags and canvas backpacks for $41.99 and the cute shoulder bags priced over $30. Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather provides instant waterproofing and is designed to revitalise breathability and maintain suppleness of all smooth leather items. When cleaning alone no longer revives DWR, re-proof with Waterproofing Wax for Leather. Most backpackers should expect to carry between 25 and 30 pounds for an overnight, with heavier loads occurring for longer distances or in unusual circumstances (such as winter backpacking or backpack hunting).

Compact and lightweight, this meal kit is designed to save space in your backpack. Keeping you organized, the outer pocket features a “flipped” storage design storage space goes from small laptop backpack to big, allowing smaller items to remain in place for easy access. And while it comes standard with much of the features you’d expect from a backpack of this nature, it also boasts some of the most customizable options of any on our list – including over a dozen different color combinations, two different exterior materials, and two optional organizational inclusions. Their mirror sighting compasses excel when you want accuracy and precision over long distances, and this model features map measuring in mm and inches, plus a wide selection of map scales: 1:24, 1:25, 1:40 and 1:50. In particular the Expedition S comes with a clinometer for measuring slope angle, useful for detecting avalanche risk. The stove comes with a 100 Lumen Flexlight attachment, allowing you to cook at night with confidence. It utilises a simple and environmentally-friendly steam extraction process that has received approval from bluesign and OEKO-TEX Standard 100. ‘Wear Testers’ wore a T-shirt half made using the existing, metal-based technology and half using Fresh Face for six weeks before a team of judges sniff-tested them.

The garments were then washed 50 times, simulating accelerated ageing and wear and were worn again in real-world conditions for another six weeks. So what’s sort of new about this is that people are going many more places or there’s just many more people. They also appreciated its cupholder (rare in chairs of this sort) and its quick close-up-and-carry design. The strong, fully freestanding design includes 2 doors, 2 vestibules and near-vertical walls, with a footprint that allows you to spread out in every direction, so plenty of room for you and your gear. Using post-consumer recycled materials, and Gregory’s lifecycle analysis tool, the measured carbon footprint of these packs has now been reduced by over 25 percent. New labels on Nikwax’s products now have icons to help customers to understand the brand’s environmental credentials. All products in the range are water-based and the brand has never used PFCs. The range incorporates a natural fit spacious footbox for more wriggle room, an anti-snag zipper with dual slider for ventilation, and a zippered internal stash pocket; a stuff sack is also included for quick and easy packing. The FreeFloat suspension system combines a mesh back panel with flex hip panels, allowing the hipbelt to pivot and flex with the natural movements of your body, there’s a full body U-Zip main opening, on-the-go water bottle access via stretch mesh side pockets, large hipbelt pockets, a raincover and a stretch mesh front stash pocket.

The pack is easy to organize with just the right amount of pockets for quick access items and mesh internal pockets that make it easy for you to find what you need in the large main chamber. Having the right gear on a backpacking trip can make or break your hike. Q: How can I purify my water naturally? Most people will need to drink about a gallon of water in a day (more in hotter environments), plus water for cooking or cleaning. In this garment it’s blended with organic cotton, plus stretch Durastretch inserts for added durability. The case, grip ring and graduation ring are made from Revo recycled polypropylene plus natural hemp fibres, resulting in 90% less carbon emissions. Hemp is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibres and has a low environmental impact – hemp cultivation requires no pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or GMO seeds, requires little to no water, and helps prevent soil erosion. While we wish the pants were a little thicker in material, we think they will provide a good amount of warmth with base layers underneath. Then, think about the type of relaxing you’re looking to do.
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